Titan Works, Thurrock

 01/01/2015      LPP and ICG Ltd

This 12.9 hectare site in Grays, Essex is an ex-chalk quarry currently occupied by chemical works, which is relocating to a more suitable location away from the town centre of Grays. The site is very close to this centre and at walking distance from a train station, which connects directly to central London as well from the River Thames and a ribbon of major parkland areas. This wealth of assets makes the site an ideal location for a residential-led development.

Opening a secondary site access for pedestrians and cyclists to the south, directly into the retail area of the town centre;

Concentrating densities to the south of the site also to capitalise on the connectivity as well as the less constrained local topography;

Buffer the embankments framing the site with generous landscaping;

Clustering the lower density residential areas in a series of compact neighbourhood along a street;

The masterplan successfully solves the place making objectives and delivers the required densities, however the team’s transport planners and engineers are exploring optional locations for an additional access road.


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