Skovlunde centre, Ballerup, Denmark

 15/04/2014      Ballerup Kommune, Danish Architects Association

Skovlunde is an outer neighbourhood of the Danish city of Copenhagen. It is physically defined by a railway line and station to the north, then bisected into a northern and a southern part by a major road barrier, the Ballerup Boulevard. The neighbourhood centre, south of the railway station, contains a number of multi-storey buildings in ill-defined open spaces which, lacking identity or character, fail to provide a coherent sense of place. Design principles for the new masterplan included re-establishing strong connections for pedestrians and cyclists, logically connecting uses through the area at ground level. These routes connect attractive meeting places between the station and other elements of the area – retail, housing, business and training uses. The ‘places’ along the main spine accommodate existing large trees, creating meeting places of varying character with a strong sense of greenness, provision for children’s play activities as well as seating areas for natural community interaction. We identified opportunities for a substantial densification of the centre, providing a wider range of residential accommodation and more functional retail units and office space.


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