Sheerness Housing, Swale, Kent

 Chetwoods Architects

This ex-industrial brownfield site proposes a mix of houses and flats with a convenience store incorporated into the project in order to integrate and add amenities to the local context. The location of the site on the edge of the Minster Marshes in Kent requires the integration of its green context as well as a modern approach to the buildings, using traditional local materials.

The proposal uses water-sensitive design approaches to the streets and spaces, including SUDS, incorporating shared surface streets and green squares as well as the inclusion of good value housing for sale and rental to local residents. Affordable housing (35%) will be both houses and flats to provide a range of typologies. This location for development requires careful consideration of viability issues alongside attractive built form and place-making in order to create a successful new residential development on this ex-industrial brownfield site.

Context plan

Concept diagram


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