Public Realm Visioning, London Bridge

 01/08/2015      Team London Bridge

London Bridge Business Improvement District (BID) manages various aspects of a rapidly regenerating part of the capital city. A number of high profile attractions and developments are transforming this part of London, however the different projects do not necessarily provide coherent ‘place-making’ for the area and site-specific projects frequently fail to cater adequately for pedestrians or cyclists or address the public realm in a ‘joined up’ sense. The BID (Team London Bridge) asked AR Urbanism to work on a public realm strategy responding to the aspirations of local stakeholders (including international developers, Transport for London, Network Rail, large Estates and blue chip companies with headquarters in More London). The ARU team created practical and innovative streetscape and landscape design interventions, building on aspirations expressed during a number of engagement initiatives involving local businesses and community representatives in workshops.


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