Public Realm Strategy, Ipswich

 Ipswich Borough Council

Steer and AR Urbanism worked at the SPD project that covers the entirety of Ipswich’s medieval historic core and Waterfront, including assessment of the planning context along with an in-depth townscape analysis of the wider town centre. This had a focus on the town’s heritage assets, particularly in regard to their public realm integration and their function as important landmarks for natural navigation and wayfinding.  Extensive engagement with a range of stakeholders followed a proactive approach with several design workshops.

The strategy will enable the regeneration of the town centre through improved quality of public space and pedestrian way-finding between key areas of the medieval core and waterfront. The strategy incorporates recommendations for developments on vacant sites aiming to sensitively balance economic regeneration within a constrained and high-value heritage context, while also considering phasing and ‘meanwhile’ uses with a focus on improving cultural assets and opportunities.

Vision diagram

Design strategy

Design strategy

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