Green Lanes, Manor House

 Fairview New Homes

Green Lanes is a relatively small site on a busy and built-up major route in a northern London suburb. However the site’s scale is transformed by the location of a large body of water – a two hundred year old reservoir, now used for sailing small boats – to the east of the site, edged by a footpath which also passes the site. The local authority required a new pedestrian/cycle route through the site, connecting the local residential area to the reservoir and its leisure opportunities. The masterplan concept (AR Urbanism) is two residential buildings to the north and south of the site, which enclose and overlook the direct, new pedestrian ‘street’ connecting the busy road and the reservoir. This layout transforms the local area by creating visual and physical access through the site, directly to the water’s edge, also improving pedestrian connections between this and Finsbury Park to the west. The new route provides an opportunity for a tall building identifying the route from the other side of the reservoir and providing a modern architectural landmark (all architecture by JPA Architects) to balance the heritage pump house building, now used for local leisure uses. The overall impact of the masterplan approach will extend the experience of the water into the wider neighbourhood and improve local access for people to enjoy its visual qualities and use the water-based leisure activities.


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