Gayton Rd Masterplan, Harrow

 Fairview New homes

Redevelopment for residential uses (350 units) of an existing council car park on the periphery Harrow town centre, within 5 minutes walk of the underground station. The site includes mature trees along the boundaries, which extends to local streets and provides an opportunity to integrate the new development with existing mixed scale buildings. The site concept is built around an internal garden, which is accessible to all the new buildings, with the existing ‘green edges’ enhancing the new residences as well as the view from the street.

A children’s nursery and retail uses are proposed at ground level under the identity building on the street front, extending active frontage along the street from the busy High St nearby.

Most of the parking is undercroft to reduce its visual impact and increase the available garden area.

Areal masterplan

Building heights

Gayton Road project view


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