Colindale, Hospital Site

 Fairview New Homes

This is one of a group of three redevelopment sites set around the Colindale underground station in North London. The largest of these is a former hospital site where approximately 1100 apartments and houses are now completed, along with a new hotel, public realm and neighbourhood centre. The redevelopment introduces high quality, high density housing to a sustainable location with good public transport links and under-used open green spaces.

The ex-hospital site did not have public access to a major park to the north, which now forms part of a new borough-wide cycle and pedestrian ‘green walking’ link. The new residential buildings also support a new neighbourhood centre providing retail and other facilities. This is set around a new urban squares adjacent to the existing underground station providing attractive urban open space and a heart to the new community. AR Urbanism was the masterplanner and urban design advisor for Phases 2 & 3 of the Hospital site. Architecture by John Pardey Architects.


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