Brno, Czech Republic

 14/12/2015      Brno City Hall, CCEA, MOBA (competition)

For this competition Brno Council asked for ideas to shape a large urban extension close to the city centre. The vast brownfield area is criss-crossed by railway lines, lies in a flood zone and is earmarked to host a new high speed train which could unlock this development space. The Team structured a masterplan around four strategic elements:

Station redevelopment
A modern transport interchange and a gateway to the city centre featuring a retail and leisure quarter.

Svratka Park
A new, major green park running through the new neighbourhoods and reconnecting the old town to the river. This park also acts as a movement corridor for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport. A series of terraces and bridges manage the change of levels and the park layout deliberately opens a series views to the old city and the cathedral.

Brno’s heritage and cultural identity
The land use quantum and distribution focused on the creative industries and the education sector as well as leisure.

We took into account demographic trends and local economic dynamics and our proposals integrated affordable/social housing, community hubs, cultural infrastructure and student facilities, as well as a ‘meanwhile uses’ strategy to ensure the creation of a place with a strong identity from the outset.


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