Boxted Wood, Essex

 Chetwoods Architects & Galliard Homes

Masterplan and Design and Access Statement for major new settlement – a ‘walking and cycling’ town. The brief for this new settlement near Braintree calls for a visionary approach to development, including ‘green’ initiatives for energy and water production and use, waste recycling and disposal and public transport. The proposal contains 4500 new houses and flats, 50,000sqm retail uses, a civic centre, 50,000sqm employment uses, 4 new schools, major areas of public open space, and leisure and recreation facilities. The masterplan includes a range of densities and building typologies, including a high density town centre, all set in a richly landscaped context that carries the local green environment into the heart of the town, integrating with the advantages of compact city development, including good public transport, local employment opportunities and facilities. The BfL Assessment for this project forms part of the Design and Access Statement, acting as a summary conclusion to the document. As this project is a major masterplan proposal for a new town on a greenfield site, the BfL assessment summarises the compact-city approach to its design and reinforces this sustainable approach. The architects leading this project are Chetwoods Architects.


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