Paddington Place, Design Competition

 Create Streets, Competition

AR Urbanism and Greysmith Associates produced a prize-winning concept master plan (joint first prize shared with JTP Architects) for a prominent site in Paddington, after plans for the 72-storey “Paddington Pole” on the site were withdrawn earlier in 2016. The competition organizers (‘Create Streets’, working with the local community) wanted a viable scheme focused on a genuine place-making design solution integrating with the surrounding streets and Paddington Station, capable to deliver high densities. Our winning entry developed a masterplan around a series of strong urban design principles:
between large and small grain, old and new, spaces and buildings;
high quality streets and public spaces between the buildings;
local identity through the retention and regeneration of local character;
the canal to Praed St; the Station to new public realm; the hospital to improved access; the Station to Praed St; housing to open space and facilities.
New streets and spaces are introduced into the site emphasising a traditional orthogonal grid, which helps legibility, allows for re-routing major vehicle traffic, supports pedestrian and cycle priority spaces and improves the existing network. The proposal creates a critical mass of development, able to sustain a diverse range of homes, affordable as well as market. The urban blocks are scaled for efficient location of cores evenly spread through the blocks, with most ground floor uses being commercial or community. Most servicing and parking is based on-street but the layout is flexible enough to also accommodate on-plot solutions using basements or undercroft options with residents’ garden courtyards above.


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